Our Projects

Location: Kentucky

  • Coal-fired boiler converted to biomass
  • Long-term ESA's for steam supply
  • Natural gas backup
  • 250,000 lb/hr total plant steam capacity
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Our Projects

Location: Mississippi

  • Greenfield project owned and operated since 2008
  • Fueled with locally sourced biomass
  • 52,000 lb/hr steam capacity supplying paper mill
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The writing is on the wall.

As the regulatory landscape tightens, compliance costs will make it increasingly difficult for industry and utilities to continue burning traditional fossil fuels to produce energy.

Biomass offers a practical alternative for reliable, baseload energy that makes economic and environmental sense.

Recast Energy is a premier biomass operator. The safe, efficient, and reliable delivery of steam and power is our focus at industrial sites, universities and standalone power facilities. For utilities, customers, and financial partners, Recast Energy's team has proven that biomass can deliver sustainable, baseload energy generation.

Whether converting existing facilities to biomass or powering up new ones, Recast Energy delivers a flexible, turnkey solution that keeps industry in the green.

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